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    I liked in the first season finale, where we find out that Malcolm Merlyn has the earthquake machine, and destruction is coming, and I basically tell both Diggle and Felicity to leave and they say “you are out of your mind, if you’re staying, we’re staying”, that was to me the proper solidification of Team Arrow
— Montreal Comic Con panel - Stephen Amell, definitively answers ‘who is the original team Arrow’ question. (via itsarrowbaby)
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Arrow, The Complete Second Season DVD Release:

Sara & Felicity Deleted Scene.

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    …we want that feeling that you’re feeling, whatever you’re feeling is right. That’s one of the greatest things about reading or watching a show or a movie. Your feelings are right no matter what, and it gives you that privilege.

Emily Bett Rickards (X)

In which Emily Bett reminds the viewers that you get to love, hate, be indifferent to, etc ANYTHING YOU WANT! How long have I been saying this? Love this woman!

People seem to forget that. Your feelings are your own. Never allow anyone else to dictate them for you.

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I have been wondering something. Is this Olicity thing sincere? Is it really meant to go somewhere? Is Felicity really supposed to be his Lois(or Lana)?

Or is it just a romance that won’t last and Felicity just a girl Oliver needs right now and thinks he’s in love with(like he thought he loved Laurel in season 1 and Sara in season 2 because they gave him what he needed at the time.)

I LOVE Felicity but I see her more as a Lana than a Lois. I really don’t see her marrying Oliver and giving him children. I don’t see Oliver getting hitched anytime soon. He’s very much like Batman in this regard, focused on his mission, plus he’s a womanizer and that won’t change.

I really do think the Olicity was actually never meant to be anything serious, that the writers and producers are making it a huge deal just to pander to the shippers, who are, let’s face it, very vocal. But at the end of the day, once Oliver gets what he wants from her, he’ll move on to another girl.

Oh and Please, as much as I adore Felicity, stop comparing her to Lois fucking Lane(the ones from the movies, smallville or even Lois and Clark, the new adventures of Superman).

lois or lana? really? I thought people compare her with chloe. I think that make more sense.

I follow a lot of people who ship both clark/lois and olicity, they see one big similarity between those two ship. both ship include two very different individual who completed each other, lois and felicity are two very different women, but both of them believe in their hero and don’t put up with their crap. although, when it come to parallel I think olicity have more similarity with chlollie. but that just me lol

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behold, black canary symbol


thanks for the info guys, I will use this.

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Arrow Season 3 Promo - Calle 13 Channel (Spain)

“You can say whatever you want in public…

That you want to see the Arrow´s new partner in action.

That Slade, the villain, will look like an altar boy compared to Ras Al Ghul.

Say that you love the epic battles and all that.

But… let´s be honest, what you are really excited for is to know what will happen with Olicity.

On October 15th.

Arrow returns to Calle 13”

Cause… yeah.  LOL.  That’s true.  It is.  Olicity.

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Anonymous whispered: When exactly did Felicity, or even Arrow address the topic of transgender men or women tho?

I’m guessing this is about "strong female character" tropes. first of all, thank you for reading my tags, second. so far, no arrow never address the topic of transgender men or women. but cmon do you actually believe felicity is the kind of person who doesn’t support people who make their own choice for their right to be happy.

" it’s my life, it’s my choice"

she believe in freedom of people making their own choice in their life. she’s the kind of person who doesn’t just accept things, but the kind of person who will go through anything to make her life better. they never address transgender, but they gave us many hints about “freedom to chose a path that makes you happy” through felicity. so yeah, I do believe, felicity is a character who will support transgender man or women

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Musical Genres: — Inspired by true events

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