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Arrow 3x03 Sneak Peak x
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 Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) makes her impact felt on “The Magician,” next week’s episode of “Arrow.”


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Ok. Let’s destroy the idea that Felicity has to be out in the field physically kicking ass to be considered strong or badass or a hero.

D E S T R O Y I T.

This is why I hate the term strong female character (aside from the fact that no one says ‘strong male character’). It always comes with a very limited definition of what it means to be strong.

Sure, it’d be nice to know Dig kept training Felicity in how to defend herself during those months Oliver was away before season 2. And of course I love every time she gets to go undercover in the field. And yeah, if they want to give her a cool scene where she shoots someone or punches someone, I’d be super here for it. But she doesn’t need to do any of that to be strong or badass.

Her superpower is her brain. Her intelligence and intuition. She can bring someone to their knees with a few strokes of her keyboard the same way Oliver or Roy can with a bow and arrow. And yes, while I can’t wait to see more of her life outside of Arrow business, there is nothing wrong with her working from in the foundry while the rest of the team is in the field. She’s mission control. She is, like Stephen said, at the helm.

She is also very emotionally strong. She has an inner strength that is vital to the team. She’s emotionally driven as well. She feels everything, she cries, she humanizes what they do and that’s important. It does not make her weak. It makes her human (something people tend to forget when thinking about female characters it seems).

Women who use their brain and intelligence as weapons are just as kickass as women who use their fists or a gun or a staff. Olivia Pope doesn’t need to pull a gun on someone to put the fear of god in them and neither does Felicity Smoak. They use their words and their brain and their gut and they get shit done.

So yes her knowing self defense is important given the environment she lives in, but Felicity is no less a hero just because she isn’t a physical fighter. She still helps save people’s lives and that is important.

There are so many ways a woman can be strong and Felicity is. She is strong and badass and brave and a goddamn hero.

YES, throw a grenade on that idea

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    This season started off with Oliver trying to find his humanity with Felicity and immediately we saw that relationship has its own set of risks once he allows himself to fall in love with her. If she’s in the field, she gets hurt or gets in danger, what that does to him as a crimefighter? I have some of those same risks with my child and with Lyla.

David Ramsey (X)

I love David Ramsey.  John Diggle is the key.

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    The relationship with Felicity and Oliver, and my relationship with Lyla, it takes its time.
— David Ramsey (X)
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    In answer to your question, that will be explored this season, we will be touching on the Suicide Squad this season. Diggle’s part in that is big. A.R.G.U.S. and Diggle and the Suicide Squad are just one of the things that Diggle will be part of this season. The bigger part of that, since this season is all about identity: where does Diggle fit with the Suicide Squad, with A.R.G.U.S., with Team Arrow, as a family?

David Ramsey (X)

john and felicity arc this year is about life outside team arrow and oliver queen. it’s exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. oliver have to let go two of the most important people in his life. they need to found their identity outside oliver’s life, but they’re not just a team, they’re family, so whatever happen they will always come back home

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what barry does vs. what he thinks [insp]

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James McAvoy / Prada presents the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video of its Fall/Winter 2014 Menswear Campaign.

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Exclusive: Arrow's David Ramsey Talks Corto Maltese, Family, Identity And Suicide Squad

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