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DYLAN NEAL AKA IVO REPLIED TO MY TWEET I’M SHAKING (i called him Doug Witter bc I saw him on Dawson’s Creek first)

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And now he has these incredible powers.

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Grant Gustin talks to Access Hollywood about Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen [source]

Also check out Grant talking about training for The Flash

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    Unlike Oliver, I am in love with somebody else

Grant Gustin - Barry Allen- (via beijingdoll)

Even a guy who played someone in coma for 6 month knows it

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“Something will happen at the end of Episode 7 of Arrow that will send the Arrow team to Central City and they will discover it was a wider plot, which will drive them all back to Starling City,”


Andrew Kreisberg (X)


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    What’s interesting about the villain in [Arrow] season three is that he doesn’t necessarily disagree with [Oliver]. He doesn’t have any personal animus towards the Arrow, and he actually in some ways has a very similar worldview.

Andrew Kreisberg  - EW - Inside TV (07/22/2014)

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    The producers are planning a series of Felicity-centric flashbacks that they call “the secret origin of Felicity Smoak.” “We are absolutely going to get to know her,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells me. “We know that she went to MIT, we know that her mom was a cocktail waitress in Vegas and we’re going to meet that mom. And we also know that her dad is not in the picture.” Any theories on the identity of Dear Old Dad?

-TVGuide “Arrow” scoop (x)

The producers are planning a series of Felicity-centric

series of Felicity-centric

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Felicity: “You mean a date? A date-date? Like an actual date?” 

Oliver’s possible reaction:


There are men on their wedding day, at the alter, who look less in love than he did on that beach…

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO reblogging because of that comment^^^^

I reblogged this before but yeah, this comment deserves another one.

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